„Genius in the art of magic, enthuses with mental miracles“

„Paco´s Andalusian humour goes down well with the public“

„Magician Paco enthrals the public“

„Paco fulfilled all expectations with sovereignty applying this contagious Andalusian cheerfulness and extended such charm, that he captivated his entire audience“

„How could this be? The ring was just in his hand. And how could he know what the audience is thinking right now? One asks oneself these questions even many days after Paco’s impressive magical show“

„…he knows exactly, what impresses his audience“

„Our newspaper also had the pleasure to let itself be directly impressed by the show of the Andalusian master“

„Paco generates, by applying his game of words and continuous direct involvement of the audience, a wonderful atmosphere and makes astonishing predictions – so to speak – a mental genius“

„Paco is a full-blooded entertainer whom has proven here, that he can adapt to completely different situations and always understands, how to impress his audience“

„Paco performs his magic with Andalusian charm and large amounts of humour“

„His quick-wittedness ensures much laughter – Paco Magic with laughter and fun guarantee“

„Dexterity and clairvoyant abilities from a master magician“

„Conjurer Paco enthuses the public with his entire personal Andalusian charm“

„Paco improvises professionally and in this manner creates unique experiences, from which the audience feels as if they were being addressed individually and is left with long lasting memories and questions to ponder upon“

„Paco astonishes not only with his magical performances, but also with his Andalusian humour“

„Paco captivates his audience with his magical performances, as this Andalusian master with only one card game fired off a set of illusions and gags that went off like fireworks“

„Paco brilliantly understands how to entertain his audience with excellence“

„Magician captivates with spontaneity“

„The suspense increased until, José Fernando Fancisco de la Luz, alias PACO, master magician and entertainer, entered the hall. Unbelievable tricks conducted with playful effortlessness and contagious humour, leaving us all guessing and wholeheartedly laughing“

„Astonishment and laughter are guaranteed, when the small Andalusian with his tricky trick series, ludicrous gags and his fascinating improvising talent, fires off his fireworks of magical tricks and gags“