References and Quots

„Paco is the BEST German magician since Siegfried and Roy! Brilliant. Wonderful sharing the stage with him. A true pro.“

Craig Diamond – Milbourne Christopher Lifetime Achievement Award

„Paco de la Luz did an amazing job of hosting the Saturday Night Gala Show at the MAES Convention this year. He did some incredible magic, told some great stories and had one of the funniest running gags I’ve seen and the „finish“ got a huge reaction from the entire audience. Best of all, he kept the show moving and helped to make it one of our best ever in over 75 years. Thanks Paco!“

Marc DeSouza , MAES – Magicians Alliance of the Estern States

„I first met Paco by chance in a magic shop in London in 1988 and was blown away, first by his brilliant close-up magic and later by his amazing stage shows. Hilarious, brilliant and frankly insane – his magic has to be seen to be believed. His UK appearances are all too rare; so book him now and catch him while you can, before they take away his visa!“

Tim Newton, TV Producer, London, UK

„…the greatest Magician that I know.“

Harald Schmidt, German TV-Host

„Extraordinary, fantastic and much, much better than expected. Paco has entertained our guests with his excellence and fabulous effects and predictions, for which there is no plausible explanation. Furthermore, the entire event was presented so funnily, spontaneously and quick-wittedly, that aside from our astonishment we also fell into laughter and the Paco Magic Show created an unforgettable atmosphere. I am still impressed with the show today and have been complimented for the selection of this performance. The gig was a total success! Very recommendable!“

Jürgen Schlepphorst, Volksbank Rietberg, Germany

„I have already contracted Paco numerous times and was fascinated every time!!! Punctual, reliable and flexible. He is a fabulous artist, who greatly enriches every event. The best is, that my clients, the hosts and my guests are always enthused and wish to book Paco in upcoming gigs. All performances, which I have booked with Paco, have been full successes. I look forward to a new engagement“

Uwe Jesse, CEO Veranstaltungsfabrik GbR, international Event-Management, Germany

„Sensational! Paco created a wonderful mood. Amazing! You will still wonder days and weeks after, how objects disappear in air and Paco, playfully and entertainingly reads peoples thoughts, makes astonishing predictions – a mental genius. He creates illusions pure and convincingly with clairvoyant abilities. We could not trust our eyes and have seldom laughed so hard. Paco is a blast!“

Jutta Höll, Verlag Lokalpresse GmbH, Germany

„To find a flexible and first class magician for our performances is a difficult undertaking, which we have excellently solved with Paco. Paco adapted himself masterfully to our special circumstances. Taking into consideration our exclusive ambiance, he has enthused our guests with his multi-lingual abilities and peak magical performance and left our multi-cultural guests with a lasting impression. You will not find it easy to find such a sovereign and flexible artist. Paco Magic is comedy at its best and it’s magic that is so incredible, that one does not even try to uncover its secretes. One is simply excellently entertained.“

Vanessa Rahn, Management Artemis GmbH Berlin, Germany

„Super creative artist, whom you must have seen, very nice contact to the public“

Uwe Boy, Artist Agency, Germany

„Paco is an exceptional artist. Enchanting, fascinating, entertaining and humorous. In my opinion, the best mixture of entertainment and astonishing magic. I was allowed to accompany him during several of his shows as his photograph and have always been amazed by his effects and about the way he is able to captivate his audience and enthuse it. I always feel struck when I see his magical arts and mentalist performance and once more have no idea, how that could be possible….“

Thorsten Jankowski, Owner Jankowski Fotodesign, Germany

„Paco has brought me to astonishment. Charming, original, breath taking, never flat, never overbearing, simply with class!“

Uwe Melichar, Chairman Factor Design AG Hamburg, Germany

„My heart felt thanks to you, dear Paco! I wish to thank you in this manner again for your wonderful show. You have enthused our guests. Both during our party on Friday as well as on Sunday at our business’s inauguration, you have proven to us how humorous and entertaining magic could be. Thanks, Thank you – also in the name of our clients and guests. More amazing and entertaining than that, is impossible for a magic show to ever be.“

Andrea Bohlke, Owner, Damme/Osnabrück, via facebook

„After you have seen Paco, you will feel all other magicians are boring and uninteresting! And if you generally think magicians are boring and uninteresting, then you must definitely see the Paco Magic Show at once!“

Falk Hirdes, Corporate Consultant, Berlin

„Paco captivates in all areas! …and in fact so much, that my clients and guests have asked me about him on several occasions and are still enthused by him months later. Also with the second performance, which he put on for us, he has left us in his inimitable way, once more with astonished, fascinated and enthused faces. Paco performs his magic so relaxed, funny and spontaneously directly with our guests, that one forgets reality completely from laughter and astonishment. Great miracle, wonderful entertainment. That is surely not the last time that we will book him.“

Uwe Erkelenz, Owner Erkelenz Türen, Delbrück/Paderborn

„For a gala performance in Magdeburg, Paco has brought together a complete team of artists and with us on site, steered this team. The feedbacks from our guests were always positive. The performance of the shows were professional and for us, as producers, it was free of stress, since Paco is professional both in delivering a fantastic show and organising and preparing a show without friction and with self initiative and flexible – deserves our unrestricted recommendation!“

Hanna Tondt, Silver’s Business Travel, Hannover

„Hello Paco, I found your performance really great! I have laughed with your great jokes and your wonderful tricks impressed me, unbelievable! Great class! 😀 Greetings from John from Holland“

John Vogelvanger, via facebook from Holland

„Dear Paco, with your performance in our summer party, you have not only managed to entertain us and enthuse us in your very individual manner – you have also left us magicians in wonder about your fabulous tricks. Chapeau for this great performance“

Ramon Mutz, 1. Chairman of the Magic Circle, Braunschweig, Germany

„Hello Josè, I am sitting here right in front of the PC and smiling at the display ;-)) My memory of the wonderful, uplifting and unique evening (our farewell party from the “old” hall) will never fade away. It was such class… At the inauguration of the new hall you were absolutely fantastic. In this respect, once more I send you my sincere thanks!!!“

Andrea Bohlke via facebook

„Paco, we has already repeatedly marvelled us. The most beautiful about him are the astonished faces in his audience. And while performing he remains very humorous, charming and entertaining at all times. Paco is a great artist and we are always happy and thankful to attend his performances.“

Gordon Brodte, Managing Director VOSS-HELME, Germany

„We have booked Paco for our 30th anniversary as a close-up magician and invested great time in effort in making our selection. The result has by far exceeded our high expectations. Paco performed his magic right in between our guests and fascinated and astonished every single one of them. Beginning with the very youngest, who virtually took him in their possession, to our senior guests, who had thought they had already seen everything there is to see in life. However, I also still ask myself to this day about what I have seen? Paco can adapt so wonderfully to his audience, that he immediately wins over everyone’s heart and turns them into fans. Without him, the party would have only been a small fraction of the success it was. Thanks dear Paco!“

Ben-Charles Jelitte, 1st Chairman Association of Home Owners Germany

„Paco enchanted the employee’s party of the city public services, in such a manner that all the colleagues were endlessly enthralled by him. Everyone was fascinated by his table magic and wondered: “How could he do that?” Paco provided through his charming, humorous and spontaneous way, a well-rounded and successful event. He is a very uncomplicated artist, whom we would always be willing to book again.“

Petra Buerke, Public City Services, Public Relations, Wolfsburg

„The evening turned out, thanks to PACO, a real event. We have all rejoiced in amusement and I have only received positive feedbacks. Unbelievable tricks were performed with playful ease and contagious humour as well a wonderful involvement of the audience in the activity, and left us wondering and laughing. A completely successful evening!“

Father Harald Volkwein, Catholic Church Parish of the Holy Spirit, Sarsted

„The show yesterday was simply fantastic and brilliant… My fullest repect…“

Jens Fehlisch via Facebook

„Paco’s magic is brilliant. Without having prepared a stage or anything else, Paco enchanted our public close-up with his magic and enthralled and fascinated every single person. The proximity to the artist leaves the audience in awe. His spontaneous, flexible performance and his professional abilities to focus on the individual guests are really remarkable and next to his great magical effects, his greatest contribution. Paco is recommendable without any restrictions!“

Marco Brandes, Managing Director Advertising Society CCL, Langenhagen, Germany

„Dear Paco, I am still taken by your performance from yesterday! That was really unique… fantastic… great… brilliant! I have never witnessed something like that – simply fascinating! Your performance was more than just captivating. I was still left wondering and pondering. Furthermore, your wonderful charm with such great humour came to play, so that the most introverted of guests was brought to cheering! CHAPEAU!!!“

Stephanie Schwieger, st-anna™, Photographic Model

„I wish to express my dearest thanks in this manner, also in the name of my colleagues. It was a really fantastic evening! Paco enchanted us with great magic and extraordinary entertainment! The performance was humorous, quick-witted, enchanting and unique! The guests were endlessly enthralled and Paco has really enriched our event. He is an absolutely exceptional artist, who leaves a lasting impression! Many, many thanks and our warm regards from Hannover“

Stefanie Winkler, Event Manager, KONE GmbH Germany